Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Her Breath on Glass/Sofy Major Split 7"

I have the worst case of the flu right now, this album fits my mood pretty well right now.  Her breath on glass Feature members of the Saddest Landscape, an they do sound similar, but HBOG's songs on this release feature distant, faded horns and violins before kicking into the usual desperate, tormented sounds.  HBOG really killed it on  this one.  I had never heard of Sofy Major before but they accompany HBOG well on this release. Definately check this out if you like 90's emo/screamo or The Saddest Landscape.  You can also buy it from State of mind recordings( maybe other stores too, I got mine from state of mind), but the vinyl comes with some really neat packaging and inserts, and a nice rant about D.I.Y on the back :p.

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