Saturday, February 18, 2012

Beau Navire/Carrion Spring/Dischord of a Forgotten Skecth/ Te Lloraria Un Puto Rio-Split 8"

This is an amazing 4 way split, between 4 amazing bands, playing some amazing screamo. I would hoep you've heard of Beau Navire, but if you javen't they play a noisy, chaotic style of screamo. Carrion Spring is more hardcore influenced, but still sound pretty skrumzzzy. Dischord of a forgotten sketch play some real nice screamo, tense and noisy. And finally, Te lloraria..... also had a noisier sound, but managed to still ahve a unique sound. Each of these bands were able to achieve that on this record, they all play the same style of music but still remain vastly different from one another. anyway definately give this a listen if you like just about any variation of screamo, you won't be dissapointed. The vinyl is at state of mind and I think Bear records (I got min from state of mind.) It's limited to only 500 copies on clear vinyl, and I'm guessing there won't be any more pressings anytime soon.

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