Saturday, February 18, 2012

GeluK-2011 Demo

Geluk is a fairly new one man drone/ambient/noise project from the east coast. The only instrument used is an acoustic guitar (and a laptop). I should also mention that this is yours truley that made this album (if you could call it that), This is mainly a little side project for me, because I've always wanted to make music of some kind but as I get better at guitar and noise making it will grow and evolve, just like everything else :).  I'm going to be working on some new material so that will get out soon enough. Please download this, and give me some feedback

download @mediafire


  1. Hey, cool blog. I play in a band called Locktender (ex-Men as Trees). Do you have an email I could send our stuff to so you could check it out?

    1. Hey yeah email me at