Saturday, March 17, 2012

Florence and Libby/Paxton/We Were Skeletons/Kids-4 Way Split LP

Here is a pretty cool album I just picked up, I've only ever heard of WWS skeletons as I write this, but I'll edit with my opinion when it makes it's way around to my playlist. I'm also making a little mixtape I'll be posting soon. Here is some info about these bands from the Square of Opposition webstore
-"Florence and Libby - Penn's Woods Hard Core. Oddly melodic, but urgent and disjointed.
We Were Skeletons - carrying the banner of lancaster emo, shouldering the legacy of luminaries such as spirit assembly with kindred spirits 1994!.
Kids - visceral, no-frills hc from the pocs. ex judi rose, jerk reaction, mouthin off.
Paxton - members of Oxygen Destroyer, Masato Tanaka, Wiccan, and Get to the Chopper playing... pop punk?!? Think bay area/lookout records circa '96 or, as Chumpire might say, Fracture.".

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