Sunday, January 29, 2012

Neil Perry-Lineage Situations

Neil Perry is an amazing older screamo band from my homestate of jersey. I haven't heard of them at all until this afternoon, but now I love them. Here's what has to say : "Neil Perry was a screamo band from New Jersey formed in 1998 by former members of You and I and Red All Over. They issued a slew of releases, with forty tracks at their demise. These forty songs were released on a discography 2xCD entitled Lineage Situation by Level-Plane records. Bonus material with this included a 35 minute video of live shows, tour footage, and various other scraps of footage compiled during the band’s span.Band split up in 2002.

Neil Perry was Josh Jakubowski (vocals/guitar), Chris Smith (guitar/vocals), Jon Marinari (vocals/bass), and Justin Graves (drums). 

Members went on to, or were involved with, Hot Cross, The Now, Superstitions of the Sky, Joshua Fit for Battle, You and I, Welcome the Plague Year, Track Of Monarchs, A Life Once Lost, Interpol etc.

Neil Perry was a character in the 80’s movie, Dead Poet’s Society."  Rock on. 

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Cease Upon The Capitol and Trikorona split

Cease upon the Capitol lays down four tracks of the usual tense screamo you would expect from them, and it's pretty sweet. I have never heard of Trikorona before, but in about a minute I will listen to them, so I'll let you know how they are. Alright, first impressions are that they sound like your typical faster, angrier screamo outfit. They have a fuzzy, raw sound about their songs but their vocalist doesn't work well for me.
Overall you should download this just for Cease's songs alone.

Cease/tri split

Parallax-Mediums and Messages

From my old site..."Parallax is a truely amazing hardcore band. They have been a personal favorite of mine for years now. They combine Thoughtful, intelligent lyrics about our society and culture; with a raw, passionate sound. Sadly they only released this album and an ep featuring some of the same songs, before they broke up due to the tragic death of their singer in a cave diving accident. (R.I.P  Blake) The other band members said that this album is an accurate representation of what would be considered blake's last words. I also heard they played a memorial show, playing the instrumentals of these songs with the microphone set up. It makes me sad that such an amazing band had to endure such unfortunate circumstances, and can not continue to make music.( similar to emotive hardcore band Ten Grand, who I may have posted on here before.) I have recommended this album to many of my friends and i'm doing the same here, If you are a fan of any style of hardcore you will probably enjoy this."


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Saturday, January 28, 2012

My old site...   It has 3 0's instead of 4. At the moment there is more content on there but I will only be updating this one, and sooner or later all those files will be available through this site.

That is all

Stable Boys-Attitudes 7"

             This is the newest release from Philly based supergroup Stable Boys( featuring members of Algernon Cadwallader, Snowing, Street Smart Cyclist and so on.)  They play a unique and awesome style of indy punk (?) that's similar to their other bands sounds, but (like all their side projects :D ) still manage to have a very defined sound of their own. If your a fan of any of these guys other projects you will dig this, enjoy.

Stable Boys-Attitudes

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pg 99 & City of caterpillar

This needs no description, especially at 2 am. As always requests/submissions go to  Stay shitty

Pg99/CoC Split


Angry german hardcore. What more of a description could you possibly want. Go punch someone in the face!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Moldar and Matsuri-Sell my pipe if you have to split

Both of these bands are absolutely amazing and so is this album, but like my last post your getting some quotes. Mwahahah

"Moldar was a three-piece screamo band from Pasadena, California. They started in November of 2007 and their last show was on August 21, 2009."   Well there you go that's Moldar's bio.

"Screamo band from sunburn city! California, 
United States.
Band Website: ;
Band Members:
chris gough.guitar.screams
ryan fleischer.bass
jonathan ruiz.drum
tomm nguyen.guitar.voice
andrew yeung. guitar."

Shout out to the homies, I left up their links so check out their shit because this band is something special.

Download this shiz:  Moldar/Matsuri Split

Requests, Submissions, whatever

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Edit: also, Add my blog link to yours and I'll do the same. I really want to get these tunes out there.

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Hot Cross/Lickgoldensky Split

Here's a classic split, I remember never liking lickgoldensky until I heard this. But I'm a little stoned so here's some info about these guys.

"Hot Cross was a screamo/post-hardcore band formed in Philadelphia in 2000 on Hope Division/Equal Vision Records. The band comprised members from bands such as Saetia (vocalist Billy Werner and drummer Greg Drudy, who was also a founding member and the original drummer of post-punk group Interpol), Off Minor (bassist/guitarist Matt Smith), You and I (guitarist Casey Boland), Neil PerryThe Now and Joshua Fit for Battle (bassist/guitarist Josh Jakubowsky)."

"LickGoldenSky enjoys being jerks. From delivering feedback to the crowd while munching potato chips onstage, to talk of the imminent acoustic record. LickGoldenSky isn’t afraid of doing whatever they want. But LickGoldenSky doesn’t really know what the ground under their feet feels like. They’ve simply never been there. So while this is just a little more tops-turvy that most hardcore records out there, make no mistake about it: this is still hardcore."

Both from, and my response to Lickgodensky's bio: Fuck yes

edit: i don't know what's going on with the colors, just go with it :)

Linkage: Hot Cross/Lickgoldensky

DEERS! and Ordestro split live tape

Ordestro are so badass it's absolutely mindblowing. I don't even know if DEERS! half of this split is in here but you should be downloading for Ordo themselves. I'll definately be posting more ordestro soon. They play a crushingly heavy, doomy, post rockey, heavy, heavy blend of awesome. Download this now.

DEERS! and ordestro

ps. DEERS! is in this file and absolutely shits on ordo

Kidcrash-Naps EP

Personally, I was a little dissapointed in this. The complex music stylings of kidcrash are still there but they lean toward a noodly/elevator music type sound instead of the intensity of their previous works. Also, the don't scream anymore, it is now replaced by some terrible fx singing. If this is how Kidcrash will be than they have lost a fan.
Anyway here's the link lol


John Cota/Ten thousand leagues Split

I don't care much for John cota but 10000 leagues is a rough, gritty screamo band that are really good at making music. You should check this out and do everything your power to get some physical material from these guys.

John Cota/10000 leagues split

Alexander Korda-The Love Connection

This demo was sent to me a while ago, back in the 000 days and i never got around to posting it. So here it is guys! This is your typical sscreamy, chaotic goodness and any fan of emo violence, screamo etc should give it a listen. I also took the songs off their and condensed them into a .rar, those are the untitled album.
Also, here is their page:

Alexander Korda-The Love Connection
Alexander Songs

I would also like to take this time to say, if there are any bands out there that fit in somewhat with the genre of music we feature here. We will gladly link it up here if you wish and would GREATLY appreciate having some unique content. So send any requests for stuff you'd like to see on the site or any music you've made that you would like up here e-mail me at

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Sadle Boys-2012 Demo(i think)

This band features members of Snowing, Algernon Cadwallader and so on. Fuzzy, catchy tunes that is definately worth the down load.

Support Their shit @

Stable Boys-Demo

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This was my old site, I forgot my login info (facepalm) so now this will be the new Cover your heart site. I may transfer the old files from cyh000 to here at some point, but for now I'll be sticking to different music from that site (same genres and styles of course)

Also, If anyone has any requests or material they would like to see on the site email me at

<33 hope to see you guys here


I forgot my login info, will be spamming the new site on all the comments and such on the old site. After a little bit of that I'll start uploading here and hopefully you all find your way here ;)

BTW The new Empire Empire I was a lonely estate 7" ep is so sick :p, go purchase it ASAP!