Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Moldar and Matsuri-Sell my pipe if you have to split

Both of these bands are absolutely amazing and so is this album, but like my last post your getting some quotes. Mwahahah

"Moldar was a three-piece screamo band from Pasadena, California. They started in November of 2007 and their last show was on August 21, 2009."   Well there you go that's Moldar's bio.

"Screamo band from sunburn city! California, 
United States.
Band Website: ;
Band Members:
chris gough.guitar.screams
ryan fleischer.bass
jonathan ruiz.drum
tomm nguyen.guitar.voice
andrew yeung. guitar."

Shout out to the homies, I left up their links so check out their shit because this band is something special.

Download this shiz:  Moldar/Matsuri Split

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