Sunday, January 29, 2012

Parallax-Mediums and Messages

From my old site..."Parallax is a truely amazing hardcore band. They have been a personal favorite of mine for years now. They combine Thoughtful, intelligent lyrics about our society and culture; with a raw, passionate sound. Sadly they only released this album and an ep featuring some of the same songs, before they broke up due to the tragic death of their singer in a cave diving accident. (R.I.P  Blake) The other band members said that this album is an accurate representation of what would be considered blake's last words. I also heard they played a memorial show, playing the instrumentals of these songs with the microphone set up. It makes me sad that such an amazing band had to endure such unfortunate circumstances, and can not continue to make music.( similar to emotive hardcore band Ten Grand, who I may have posted on here before.) I have recommended this album to many of my friends and i'm doing the same here, If you are a fan of any style of hardcore you will probably enjoy this."


edit: idk what's going on with those colors

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