Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hot Cross/Lickgoldensky Split

Here's a classic split, I remember never liking lickgoldensky until I heard this. But I'm a little stoned so here's some info about these guys.

"Hot Cross was a screamo/post-hardcore band formed in Philadelphia in 2000 on Hope Division/Equal Vision Records. The band comprised members from bands such as Saetia (vocalist Billy Werner and drummer Greg Drudy, who was also a founding member and the original drummer of post-punk group Interpol), Off Minor (bassist/guitarist Matt Smith), You and I (guitarist Casey Boland), Neil PerryThe Now and Joshua Fit for Battle (bassist/guitarist Josh Jakubowsky)."

"LickGoldenSky enjoys being jerks. From delivering feedback to the crowd while munching potato chips onstage, to talk of the imminent acoustic record. LickGoldenSky isn’t afraid of doing whatever they want. But LickGoldenSky doesn’t really know what the ground under their feet feels like. They’ve simply never been there. So while this is just a little more tops-turvy that most hardcore records out there, make no mistake about it: this is still hardcore."

Both from, and my response to Lickgodensky's bio: Fuck yes

edit: i don't know what's going on with the colors, just go with it :)

Linkage: Hot Cross/Lickgoldensky

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