Sunday, February 5, 2012

Earl Sweatshirt-Earl

Earl sweatshirt (I think) makes the beats sometimes and raps sometimes with rap group odd future led by tyler the creator who I personally think makes horrible, horrible music that  is stupid(tyler not odd future really, well their beats are nice, I just can't stand tylers whatever you would call what he does...). But back to earl sweatshirt, I expected to not like him when I heard he was from odd future but I was wrong, this kid is awesome. He's like a more sinister MF doom with the awesome beats you'd expect from an odd future song, but they all have a strange, dark, faded out type feel to them. It's great to listen to when you smoke. Also, a fun fact, this kid's mother, after hearing how naughty his raps are, sent him away to boarding school in samoa, bravo!

Download @ mediafire


  1. correction
    Earl only went to Samoa b/c of the shenanigans he did outside of his music

  2. "" and that his mother sent him to the program because of his "disrespectful music [and] behavior." But what program?"--

    yeah not so into odd future enough to research exactly why beyond the explanation in the artivle