Monday, December 31, 2012

It lives!

Sup bruhs, I'm going to start posting on this again so expect new music today at some point. Also if older files are expired, I'm sorry but I'm on a new laptop and they likely won't be getting re-uploaded.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Innards/The Reptilian- Split 7"

This is a fairly new release from two very cool bands, I picked this up in red vinyl a month or so ago when it was just released. Anyway both these bands have fairly unique styles and I have been drinking so I will let youtube do the talking for now, just wanted to get some stuff up here because i'vce been slacking lately...


Download it @ Mediafire
but it at blackwithsap, no link here just look in that little box on the right, blackwithsap is linked there. I think they have the new Republic of Dreams/Beau Navire split too, which is a fucking nice record to own and to listen to.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Circle Takes the Square-As the Roots Undo

Hey all, I'm extremely stoned right now and have been jamming to this album all night, so I thought why not upload it. Now, due to my condition I'm going to resort, once again to for a description. Hell they probably write better shit than me anyway, but whatever.
"Circle Takes the Square (often abbreviated CTTS) is a band from Savannah, Georgia, USA. The band formed in 2001 as a four-piece and after their first two releases they lost a guitarist but gained another in late 2004. What listeners tend to notice first about the band is the loud screaming of both male and female vocals that often function in a kind of call and response. Skillful, chaotic drumming coupled with intense, highly technical bass/guitar work have served to separate the band from most others in the screamo genre. Highly diverse song structures (from meditative, droning intros to crushing choruses) have also assisted in carving their unique niche. The band completed a tour of the UK in mid-2004.":

As The Roots Undo @ Mediafire

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Eyedea and Abilites

the best rapper....ever, here are some vids, and I will update this post with some links tomorrow when I'm not so "Geeked up off them bars".
EDIT:  The link for the album "First Born" is now up

Eyedea and Abilities- First Born @ mediafire

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Last Days Of April-Angel youth

Soooo... see my previous post... I've beeen listening to this non stop lately. If you haven't heard of this band go and grab all their albums, ASAP.  You can really hear the progression and maturity of their sound throughout each of their albums, although I like their older, rawer sounding stuff personally.

"For over a decade main LDOA engine and songwriter Karl Larsson has steered the band from frustrated emotional hardcore to well-produced pop songs, without ever giving in to current fads and trends. Last Days of April has been a reliable rock in the stormy waters of pop culture, and the solid fan base around the world tells of the same kind of commitment. ..."-Last.Fm

Rock on.

Just Chillin', wbu?

Yeah i'm currently working up the energy to look for some kind of music besides Last day of April's "Angel youth" to post, but yeah, you may get "Angel Youth"

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Florence and Libby/Paxton/We Were Skeletons/Kids-4 Way Split LP

Here is a pretty cool album I just picked up, I've only ever heard of WWS skeletons as I write this, but I'll edit with my opinion when it makes it's way around to my playlist. I'm also making a little mixtape I'll be posting soon. Here is some info about these bands from the Square of Opposition webstore
-"Florence and Libby - Penn's Woods Hard Core. Oddly melodic, but urgent and disjointed.
We Were Skeletons - carrying the banner of lancaster emo, shouldering the legacy of luminaries such as spirit assembly with kindred spirits 1994!.
Kids - visceral, no-frills hc from the pocs. ex judi rose, jerk reaction, mouthin off.
Paxton - members of Oxygen Destroyer, Masato Tanaka, Wiccan, and Get to the Chopper playing... pop punk?!? Think bay area/lookout records circa '96 or, as Chumpire might say, Fracture.".